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Iranian Lawyers Slam Morality Police Over Hijab Enforcement


A group of 61 lawyers has issued a condemnation of the morality police’s aggressive tactics in Iran, particularly criticizing the controversial Nour project to enforce hijab.

Nour, the regime’s new hijab enforcement plan, has seen Iranian authorities escalate their physical efforts to enforce the Islamic Republic’s strict hijab laws. It has led to a surge in violent crackdowns targeting women on Iranian streets.

The lawyers declared such actions illegal and in violation of both the national constitution and international human rights agreements.

“Continuing these policies will undoubtedly lead to more conflict, confrontation, and insecurity in society, and will create more harmful aspects for women,” read the statement.

Despite the government’s efforts to enforce mandatory hijab laws, a strong wave of civil disobedience continues. Many women have been seen in public spaces without a hijab, protesting against these impositions.

Contrasting with this criticism, Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi sent a supportive message to Ahmadreza Radan, Iran’s Police Chief, encouraging him to enforce the hijab laws with “strength and determination.” Radan echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the perceived threat if such moves are not upheld: “If the enemy overcomes the trench of chastity and hijab, nothing will remain for us.”

Recent crackdowns, initiated following a directive by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on April 13, have led to the arrest of hundreds of women across various cities in Iran. Yet, the spirit of resistance among Iranian women remains strong. In one notable incident, a woman was arrested at the Beheshti judicial complex in Tehran for appearing without a hijab, stating, “I have come here with hijab all my life; this time I came without a hijab to reclaim my rights.”