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Iranian President Continues Anti-Israel Warnings


During a visit to Pakistan, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi issued a warning suggesting that any further Israeli attacks on Iranian soil could lead to the elimination of Israel.

“This time, the nation of Iran has punished Israel,” Raisi stated, referring to the recent aerial bombardment which saw 350 projectiles launched towards Israel, though almost all were intercepted by Israel and a US-led coalition. “If Israel makes another mistake and attacks Iranian soil, the situation will be different, and it is uncertain if anything will remain of that country,” he added.

The visit follows recent tensions highlighted on Friday when explosions were heard over Isfahan in central Iran. Sources attributed them to an Israeli attack, though Tehran downplayed the severity of the incident and indicated no immediate plans for retaliation. Israel is believed to have targeted air defenses for Iran’s two nuclear sites.

On April 13, Iran responded to a suspected Israeli strike on its consulate in Damascus which had killed a senior Quds Force commander and several IRGC personnel.

In his speech in Lahore, aiming to repair ties between Iran and Pakistan after ongoing border clashes, President Raisi also stressed Iran’s continued support for the Palestinian resistance, positioning it as a matter of “national honor.”

Raisi, who began a three-day visit to Pakistan on Monday, emphasized his commitment to increasing bilateral trade between the two nations to $10 billion annually.