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Iranian MP Wants Action Against Jordan For Destroying Drones Destined For Israel


Vahid Jalalzadeh, the head of Iran’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, has criticized Jordan’s recent role in intercepting Iranian drones destined for Israel.

The incident, which took place on April 13, saw Jordan’s air force joining a US-led coalition downing Iranian drones that violated its airspace, part of an aerial bombardment of over 350 drones and missiles aimed at Israel.

Jalalzadeh argued that Jordan must be held accountable for its actions, which he views as antagonistic toward Iranian interests.

In a covert threat to Israel’s allies, he also warned that If Israel utilizes facilities from regional countries and American bases against Iran, there will be a military response. Jordan was among multiple nations including the US, UK and France, involved alongside Israel in defending itself from the unprecedented air assault.

Iran claimed the barrage was in response to an alleged Israeli air strike at the start of the month in which a senior Quds Force commander was assassinated and multiple other high ranking members of the IRGC were killed.

According to a statement from the Jordanian cabinet the day following the incident, Jordan intercepted several airborne objects that had entered its airspace to safeguard the safety of its citizens. “Some shrapnel fell in multiple places during that time without causing any significant damage or any injuries to citizens,” it added.

Jordan, which borders Iranian proxy strongholds Syria and Iraq, increased its defensive measures by requesting the deployment of Patriot air defense systems from the US last year.

The latest developments come amid reports of increased US military aid to Jordan, which hosts hundreds of American troops conducting regular exercises with the Jordanian army.