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Iranian Lawmaker Hints At A Nuclear Test


Iranian lawmaker Javad Karimi Ghoddusi says there is only “a one-week gap from the issuance of the order to the first test” of a nuclear bomb, despite previous assertions of peaceful intentions.

His Monday statement on X came amidst escalating tensions with Israel and just hours after the Iranian foreign ministry reiterated that nuclear weapons have no place in Iran’s military doctrine.

Ghoddusi, who is known for his hardline stance in domestic and foreign policy, also made provocative comments prior to Iran’s missile and drone attack against Israel, warning that attempts to assassinate ‘Resistance Front’ personalities worldwide would be met with retaliation with Iranian missiles.

During a press briefing in Tehran, ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanaani emphasized, “Nuclear weapons have no place in our nuclear doctrine.”

The mention of a doctrine has often been made in reference to what’s known as the Supreme Leader’s so-called “nuclear fatwa” – an alleged Islamic ruling issued by Khamenei banning the development of nuclear weapons.

However, experts challenge the authenticity and the binding nature of the fatwa, suggesting it has been used strategically to deflect international scrutiny over Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Moreover, Islamic Revolutionary Guard general Ahmad Haghtalab recently hinted that threats from Israel could force Iran to “review its nuclear doctrine and deviate from its previous considerations.” The admission suggests potential shifts in Iran’s nuclear strategy in response to external military pressures.

While the foreign ministry maintains a façade of peaceful intentions, nuclear experts are skeptical, pointing out that Iran’s uranium enrichment to 60-percent purity since 2021 suggests a direction towards weaponization.