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Former FM Blames UN For Iran’s Need To Retaliate Against Israel


Almost a week after Iran attacked Israel, Iran’s former foreign minister is speaking out about the strikes, suggesting that “inaction” by the UN Security Council forced Tehran to act.

“Israel’s recurring acts of aggression against Iran, especially its provocative attack on Iran’s diplomatic premises in Syria, went unpunished by the UN Security Council, compelling Iran to take a measured response in self-defense targeting only military facilities and—unlike Israel—intentionally avoiding civilians,” Javad Zarif wrote on X.

“Now, in light of today’s reckless fireworks in Esfahan, all countries and leaders should focus on ending Israeli transgressions, particularly its war on Gaza. The US veto of the UNSC resolution on Palestine’s UN membership was clearly a step in the wrong direction,” he added.

On Friday, Israel conducted airstrikes on Esfahan, a significant city in central Iran known for its nuclear facilities.

Iranian authorities and media have reported that Friday’s attack caused no damage.

Israel has not taken responsibility for the incident, but had previously promised to retaliate after a missile and drone attack from Iran on its territory last weekend.

Iran had been on high alert following Israel’s announcement that it would retaliate against the attack from Iran, during which over 300 projectiles were launched at Israel—99% of which were intercepted and shot down.