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‘9-1-1’ Star Oliver Stark ‘Couldn’t Be Prouder’ of Buck’s Kiss, Responds to Homophobic Backlash: ‘You’ve Missed the Entire Point of the Show’


Oliver Stark, who stars as Buck in ABC’s “9-1-1,” is “humbled and overwhelmed” by fans’ positive reaction to the end of the show’s 100th episode, which featured a kiss between Buck and Tommy Kinard (Lou Ferrigno Jr.).

“Humbled and overwhelmed by the positive reaction to Buck’s storyline,” Stark wrote on his Instagram Story on Saturday. “I’ve read so many of your messages and I couldn’t be prouder.”

Stark also responded to the backlash surrounding the kiss, writing: “If you are one of the smaller group of people commenting on my posts about how this has ruined the show. I would like you to know that I truly don’t care. This is a show about love and inclusion. It’s featured queer relationships from the very beginning including a beautiful Black lesbian marriage played out by two of the best actresses [Aisha Hind and Tracie Thoms] I’ve ever watched.”

Stark continued, “If one other character finding a new facet to his sexuality and realizing his bisexuality is your deal breaker — I fear you’ve missed the entire point of the show. You are not required to announce your departure.”

“9-1-1,” which originally aired on Fox before moving to ABC, follows the lives of Los Angeles first responders including firefighters, paramedics, police officers and dispatchers. The procedural drama was created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Tim Minear.

Following Thursday’s episode, Stark told Variety that Minear called him during the third episode of the season to ask what he thought about making his character bisexual.

“He had already been in contact with Lou, who plays Tommy — he wanted to know that he was on board before bringing it to me. So not with too much notice he said, ‘I think this is the most truthful way to continue Buck’s storyline.’ And I said, ‘I 100% agree,’” Stark said. “I think it’s deserved and I think it’s earned — and I am excited to to get the chance to tell it.”

A day after the 100th episode aired, Stark’s co-star Angela Bassett told Variety that she was surprised by Buck’s kiss.

“He was quite the ladies’ man from the beginning — the wild card — so this is something new and surprising for him as well,” Bassett said.