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PBS Intl. to Debut Season 2 of ‘Baby Animals: Top 10’ at MipTV, Alongside Kid-Friendly Version (EXCLUSIVE)


PBS Intl. will give a market debut to Season 2 of “Baby Animals: The Top 10” at MipTV. The show “celebrates the irresistible charm and wonder of baby animals from around the globe,” the distributor said.

“Baby Animals: The Top 10” is a “heartwarming and informative journey” that counts down the world’s top 10 baby animals in various categories, including the fastest, cuddliest and weirdest. Each episode is filled with “endearing footage and insightful commentary, providing viewers with a deeper understanding of these adorable creatures and their environments.”

It’s not just about cuteness, according to PBS Intl. The series offers a mix of education and entertainment, exploring facts about the animals’ lifestyle, environment and survival skills.

Among the creatures to be featured are sloths, green sea turtles, falcons, cheetahs, meerkats, otters, giant pandas, sea dragon and numbats.

Joe Barrett, vice president of global sales at PBS Intl., said: “This series has captured the hearts of viewers of all ages, and we are excited to continue sharing the beauty and wonder of baby animals with the world.”

South Korea’s EBS was one of those to acquire Season 1. Dooil Lee, acquisition executive at the educational public broadcaster, said: “EBS launched a new nature documentary slot in primetime this year, and ‘Baby Animals’ was a great first step in that role. We saw a strong response across all age groups during family co-viewing time.”

In addition to the second season, PBS Intl. will launch a kid-friendly version of “Baby Animals: The Top 10,” which will also be available to acquire at MipTV.