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‘Love Is Blind’ Reunion: Nick Lachey Kicks One Cast Member Off Stage and Clay Admits Regrets to AD


The “Love Is Blind” drama continued to heat up during the Season 6 reunion. Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the reunion welcomed all five duos who got engaged as well as Sarah Ann, Trevor and Jessica, who all shared very interesting insights.

Considering 11 couples have gotten engaged on “Love Is Blind” and nine are still married, the series has been a successful experiment for most, including this season’s Johnny and Amy, who got married during the finale — and their families are still closer than ever.

They did eventually discuss birth control and admitted that condoms were an option — as many viewers asked. Johnny admitted that he was very uneducated on birth control going on the show and she never went on it.

Laura, Jeramy and Sarah Ann‘s love triangle is a mess

Jeramy and Laura broke up before the altar during the season after he stayed out until 5 a.m. with Sarah Ann. At the reunion, Jeramy and Sarah Ann revealed they have been dating for almost a year, despite a few break-ups here and there, and now live together. After a bit of back and forth and some yelling, both Jeramy and Sarah Ann apologized to Laura, who virtually joined the reunion from Spain, where she was for work.

Trevor gets called out

One of the biggest reveals was that Trevor — a fan-favorite of the season who seemed to have gotten his heart broken when Chelsea chose Jimmy over him — had a woman back home that he was texting the day he left to film and again, the day he got out. The “I love you” texts were shown during the reunion. After filming, he wrote, “I love you more than anything in this world. And I’m going to marry you,” as well as “I hope you know how much I love you. And had to pretend that this wasn’t real life to say anything I said.”

When asked to explain himself, Trevor froze at first but eventually took accountability. He said that “technically” he was not dating that woman and she knew what he was doing — that she was someone he would usually date and he was looking to see if he could fall for someone he wouldn’t usually go for. After getting grilled by Nick Lachey, Trevor admitted that he and the woman he was involved with before are both “toxic” and said that he needs therapy. At the end of the segment, Lachey called him out for coming on the show with the wrong intentions and, eventually, told him he should leave the stage.

Clay regrets leaving AD

After saying no at the altar, Clay and AD didn’t speak for multiple weeks. Eventually, he called her. During the reunion, he apologized and told AD he made a mistake, saying that she is the love of his life. He also said he’s been going to therapy to become a better person. When asked whether she’d ever date him again, AD responded, “Next question.” She said that she felt played because she felt that he knew he didn’t want to get married — something he didn’t agree with. He got choked up during the segment, and said, “It broke my heart to break your heart.”

There was also an update regarding Matthew, who was pursuing both AD and Amber in the pods. Matthew was invited and chose not to attend the reunion, but the video receipts were shown to prove that he did, in fact, say very similar things to both women. AD revealed that she and Matthew went on a few dates after the experiment was over but lived two very different lives.

At the end of the finale, it was announced that Season 5’s Izzy and Season 4’s Micah, along with Jessica from Season 6, will be part of Season 2 of “Perfect Match.”

All six seasons of “Love Is Blind” are streaming on Netflix.