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Martin Scorsese’s Daughter Francesca on Her Dad Talking About Retirement and the One Thing He Won’t Do on TikTok


Martin Scorsese can do a lot of things — just don’t ask him to dance.

The 81-year-old filmmaker’s daughter Francesca says her dad has been open to do most anything in their wildly popular TikToks, but he’s not so keen on busting a move.

“He refuses to do dances,” Francesca told me Wednesday at Vanity Fair and Instagram’s Young Hollywood pre-Oscars party at Bar Marmont.

The “Killers of the Flower Moon” director doesn’t even dance when he’s not on camera. “Nothing. Not at all,” Francesca says. “I wouldn’t even want to see it.”

But then she adds, “Maybe I’ll get him to do one.”

It’s not just Francesca prompting the “Taxi Driver” helmer to make videos. “He’ll text me and be like, ‘We need to make some more,’” she said. “Or we’re hanging out and he’s like, ‘Man, we got to do more videos. Let’s go!’”

Francesca’s more than 210,000 TikTok followers may see some father-daughter collaborations on Oscar Sunday. “I’m gonna be doing some fun stuff,” she said, pointing out she has a get-ready-with segment lined up with a magazine. Scorsese’s “Flower Moon” goes into the Academy Awards with 10 nominations, including nods for best director and picture.

Marty may even know how to post on TikTok by now. “Honestly, I wouldn’t put it past him,” said Francesca, who made her directorial debut in 2023 with “Fish Out of Water.” “For one we did with my dog, I showed him how to do it. So yeah, I think he’d able to post.”

As family TikToks continue to be made, Scorsese continues to make films. “He’s always like, ‘I’m not doing this anymore. This is my last one,’” Francesca says of her father possibly retiring one day. “But then he has like 10 more things lined up and he goes on and does them.”