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Iran 2024 elections were held with 14% participation


Iran 2024 elections were held with 14% participation

Based on the access to statistical information and the use of information collection techniques, it was found that 61 million people were eligible to participate in the elections in Iran, of which only 9 million people participated in the elections, which in total is 14% participation for the elections.  Iran considered

The report of political performance in the past years and the dissatisfaction of the Iranian people with their rulers is the main reason for not participating in the elections.

In its report, the New York Times has also mentioned the low and unprecedented participation of the Iranian people during the rule of the Islamic Republic and in a way called it the fall of the political legitimacy of the ruling system in Iran.

On the other hand, government media have announced 40% participation and stated it as an achievement, which according to the same news indicates a 60% non-participation.

Statistics and polls before holding elections in Iran indicated low participation and unwillingness of citizens to participate in elections

What is clear is that the Islamic Republic has neither a strong government nor a powerful parliament in Iran’s political structure.