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Indian Coming-of-Age Documentary ‘Until I Fly’ Acquired by Taskovski Ahead of Thessaloniki Premiere (EXCLUSIVE)


London-based world sales company Taskovski Films Sales has acquired the sales rights to “Until I Fly,” a coming-of-age story by directors Kanishka Sonthalia and Siddesh Shetty, ahead of its world premiere March 10 at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

Produced by Sonthalia at Kopuku Films, in co-production with Christilla Huillard Kann of Elda Productions, the film tells the story of Veeru, a resilient young boy of Indian Nepalese heritage, who has to face the daily challenges of cultural rejection in an Indian Himalayan village, where most of the inhabitants look down on his mixed identity.

The directors follow Veeru over five transformative years as he grapples with the profound effects of ethnic discrimination. Born in a village where he is taunted for his Nepalese heritage, he faces relentless bullying and derogatory slurs, insults that cut even deeper when he witnesses the relentless torment inflicted upon his visually impaired, bipolar-afflicted Indian mother. Rather than fight back, he retreats into an inner world where gods and demons shape his moral compass, and nature becomes a sanctuary, with dreams of befriending birds.

After relocating to the forest and experiencing the havoc of a devastating flood, Veeru still clings to hope. His life takes a turn as he discovers Kabaddi and excels in the contact sport, becoming a formidable player who ultimately leads his village to victory in a state championship.

“We are thrilled to continue our support for emerging talent from India through this impactful cinematic masterpiece,” said Irena Taskovski, CEO and head of acquisitions at Taskovski Films. “This coming-of-age story beautifully underscores the significance of acceptance and human unity, urging us to embrace our differences while celebrating our similarities. In today’s world, where these themes resonate deeply, the film’s relevance is undeniable.”

She added: “With backing from French producer Christilla Huillard Kann and platforms like BBCStoryville, France TV, Al Jazeera, SVT and NRK, its imminent release on global channels promises to captivate audiences worldwide.”

“Shining a light on India’s social and political realities is deeply personal to us,” said the directors. “Our film illuminates the challenges faced by a young boy while also offering a glimmer of hope, showcasing the resilience of the human spirit in adversity. It serves as a gentle reminder that even in the darkest moments, there exists an opportunity for growth, acceptance and a sense of belonging. Collaborating with Taskovski Films, whose values resonate with ours, fills us with gratitude and excitement as we embark on this journey to spark meaningful conversations and inspire positive change through their unique distribution approach.”

“Until I Fly” is produced by Kopuku Films in co-production with Elda Productions, in association with BBC Storyville and France Télévisions, and with the participation of Al Jazeera Documentary Channel, SVT and NRK.

The Thessaloniki Documentary Festival runs March 7 – 17.