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American Federation of Musicians Reaches Tentative Deal with AMPTP; Union Leaders Hail Pact as ‘Watershed Moment for Artists’


The American Federation of Musicians has struck a tentative agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, reaching a deal that union leaders hailed as “a watershed moment for artists” that includes residuals for made-for-streaming content and protections against the use of AI.

The AFM announced the tentative agreement one day after the sides resumed contract negotiations that began in January.

“This agreement represents a major win for musicians who have long been under-compensated for their work in the digital age,” said Tino Gagliardi, AFM international president and chief negotiator. “We have secured historic breakthroughs in streaming residuals, established critical guardrails against the misuse of AI, gained meaningful wage increases and other important gains. This agreement represents a watershed moment for the artists who create the soundtracks for countless film and TV productions.”

The pact was unanimously recommended by the AFM negotiating committee for approval by the union’s board. The contract will still need to be ratified by a vote of union members who work under its provisions.

“I want to congratulate our AFM Fair Share for Musicians bargaining unit members for their unwavering commitment to fighting for a contract that fairly compensates them for their invaluable contributions to film and TV and protects them in the ever-changing film and television industry,” Gagliardi said. “We were not alone in this negotiation, and we were proud to have the full backing of fellow unions: SAG-AFTRA, Writers Guild of America, IATSE, and the Teamsters. It was yet another powerful reminder that when we have solidarity in the labor movement, we can achieve great things. We also would like to thank Carol Lombardini, president of the AMPTP, as well as the AMPTP and its member companies, for helping bring these negotiations to a successful conclusion.”

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Details of the pact were not disclosed. But Gagliardi’s enthusiasm for the new deal virtually assures that it includes meaningful gains for musicians on traditional TV and film residuals and the establishment of compensation for players who work on scores and soundtracks for TV programs and films produced exclusively for streaming platforms. The absence of residuals for streaming originals became a rallying cry for the AFM as it sought to put pressure on AMPTP companies. The AFM stopped short of taking a strike authorization vote, but threat of another work stoppage was still top of mind for the creative community as the AFM held rallies and ratcheted its contract rhetoric.

(Pictured: AFM president Tino Gagliardi)