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22 Bahman


In Iran, the ceremony was held on 22 Bahman with the presence of 800,000 people


Based on the field reports of Iranian media and the review of images from the march on 22 Bahman, the average number of pro-government participants in this ceremony is estimated to be around 800,000 people in all cities of Iran.

According to this report, around 70,000 people participated in the march on 22 Bahman in Tehran, the center of this event.

The provinces of Isfahan, Shiraz, Qom and Mashad, which saw the largest number of people, had a total of about 250,000 participants.

Other reports indicate that the media apparatus of the Islamic Republic used archival images, which had happened in previous years as well.

Also, AmadNews research shows that many supporters of the government came to Tehran from other cities to participate in this ceremony.