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Media Talent Discovery App Husslup Moves From Beta Phase to Public Launch


Media talent discovery app Husslup has moved from invite-only beta phase to a public launch of its service. The app, which allows allows media industry users a database to find above- and below-the-line freelancers for hire, has also introduced a demographic report of hires for companies to achieve their diversity goals.

Husslup offers a database of nearly 10,000 freelancers, as well as staffing workflow management tools and a demographics report. Existing companies that participated in Husslup’s beta phase will continue to have free access for a limited time, while open access to all begins this week starting at $34.99 a month for individual plans, in addition to custom-priced studio packages. Husslup will also offer two-week free trials.

Creative freelance members will also continue to have free access to build their profiles and network with others. Founded by H Schuster, the company’s mission is to democratize and diversify access to the entertainment industry by connecting creatives from around the world to each other and to companies. The company works with over 50 studios, production companies and other professional organizations to help staff roles across the biz, including NBCUniversal, Telemundo, Blumhouse Productions, the Russo brothers’ AGBO Films, Tyra Banks’ Bankable Productions, Don Cheadle’s This Radicle Act, World of Wonder and more.

As for the introduction of demographic reporting, Husslup notes that more than 65% of Husslup’s members have self-identified as diverse, “making it easier to source qualified underrepresented candidates.” As part of that, Husslup is offering free subscriptions to some media, guild and community nonprofits for diversity reporting.

Also, Husslup partnered with Women in Film to become a reporting tool for the org’s ReFrame Stamp for gender parity. Husslup will allow productions to track and submit their reporting to ReFrame beginning next month.

“Husslup has been incredibly collaborative with us to create this reporting feature,” ReFrame director Andria Wlson Mirza said. “We are excited to work with them to continue our mission to create actionable tools to achieve gender justice.”

Added Husslup CEO-founder H Schuster said: “University studies show again and again that the production ecosystem needs to do a better job of hiring a diverse array of candidates. From the start, our mission has been to use technology to democratize access to the industry by efficiently connecting the best creatives to the companies that need to hire them. Our new suite of tools enables studios and production companies to fulfill their staffing needs cost effectively.”