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Lamborghini’s Revuelto Is the Outstanding Hybrid of 2023


Together, the slimmed-down V12 and electric drive units afford the Revuelto a blistering total power output of 1,001 bhp. Top speed is 217 mph; 0-to-62 takes just 2.5 seconds. Put your foot down, and breathtaking performance is unleashed. If you want to hear how that makes you feel behind the wheel, watch the video below from a brand-hosted track day earlier this year, as I somewhat embarrassingly lose the ability to speak properly.

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Dynamic and Accessible

Lamborghini says the Revuelto’s hybridization presents numerous possibilities to “encourage” the driver. This could be why there are a bewildering 13 separate drive modes, including new Recharge, Hybrid, and Performance offerings. The EV-only Città mode sees maximum power limited to 180 bhp.

I didn’t try Sport—which really seems to be more of a “drift” mode—but instead was thrown straight into Corsa, which unleashes the full 1,001 bhp, with the e-axle primed for maximum torque vectoring and all-wheel drive. It’s in such circumstances that the magnetic dampers, new suspension system, and next-generation carbon ceramic brakes come into play.

A retuned version of Lamborghini’s Dinamica Veicolo Integrata system (effectively the brain of the car) brings into the mix a veritable army of accelerators and gyroscope sensors delivering real-time data on lateral, longitudinal, and vertical loads, as well as body roll, pitch, and yaw. Add in rear-wheel steering, a body design and active rear wing that delivers a whopping 70 percent more downforce and 61 percent better drag efficiency than the Aventador, and a chassis that is 10 percent lighter but 25 percent stiffer than the Aventador’s, and you have something astonishing. Crucially, you also have something surprisingly approachable.

Press the accelerator when coming out of corners and the three electric motors instantly engage and hurl you down the straights before the V12 takes over. The effect is grin-inducing, but what will be most pleasing for ICE fans is the fact that the e-motors are not trying to replace or steal the limelight from the engine—they have been honed to be the perfect supporting act.

Much has been written about how the Aventador was “tricky” on the limit or something of a beast that needed to be tamed, but this is not the case with the Revuelto. For example, immediate e-power kicks in on the front to pull you out of a turn, banishing any potential understeer.

Such is the fluidity of this interchange between electric and combustion that, after a time, you stop thinking of the car as being a hybrid at all, and settle to simply enjoy the visceral experience of the Revuelto—which, although hugely entertaining, is more refined than any previous Lamborghini. And not just in the powertrain. The suspension is also exceptionally judged, while the new eight-speed, twin-clutch gearbox is a huge step-up.

Under braking, the e-axle and rear e-motor contribute to the stopping power, so the friction brakes can recharge the battery more effectively. However, so good is the handover from regen to actual braking that I couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began. If anything, this is exemplary of the whole Revuelto—everything just works together so very well.