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Iran Is Unwell, Says Conservative Newspaper


Not only is Iran’s economic situation critical, but it is also ailing in terms of politics, culture, and ethics, a leading conservative newspaper stated in an editorial.

Pointing to “various forms of corruption in the government’s management system,” the Jomhuriye Eslami (Islamic Republic) daily recommended that government officials heed well-wishers and refrain from attributing “all of the country’s problems to the enemies.”

The newspaper accused government officials of isolating themselves within a bubble, entangled in illusions detached from societal realities. The daily also recommended that officials break free from this isolating bubble to reengage with the broader society.

Jomhouri Eslami stated that President Ebrahim Raisi’s mandate aimed to rectify the corruption and deviations from principles during the populist government of former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (2005-2013). However, not only has this objective gone unmet, but the public also learns of fresh corruption cases within the government on a daily basis.

A political graffiti in the Iranian city of Esfahan (Isfahan) that is roughly translated as “Poverty, corruption, high prices; we continue protests until the collapse of the regime”

The conservative publication argued that given the prevailing circumstances, certain individuals become entangled in financial corruption due to their struggle to meet basic needs. Conversely, others succumb to political, cultural, and ethical deviations due to their excessive wealth.

However, the paper did not underscore the fact that the opaque political system, built upon loyalty to the regime, allows officials to engage in corruption and amass personal wealth.

It subsequently cited the recent “sex scandals involving certain prominent cultural officials in the country” and the “involvement of other officials in bribery, embezzlement, and money laundering,” asserting that these incidents signify the nation’s deteriorating state. The publication added that “last year, around 120 officials were apprehended for financial corruption, and halfway through this year, the tally has already reached 144.”

In July, there was widespread outrage among Iranians as successive videos surfaced, revealing officials responsible for upholding moral standards and religious norms engaging in same-sex activities, a grave violation under Sharia law.

The daily further stated that these figures are alarming for a government that claims to be Islamic.

Meanwhile, Mostafa Derayati, a leading member of the reformist Unity of Nation Party told Rouydad24 website that “The government has ostracized the country’s most capable officials and has handed over the affairs of the state to inefficient individuals.”

Reformist politician Mostafa Derayati

Adding that the current presidential administration is filled with inefficient officials, Derayati argued that capable figures were pushed into isolation when the hardliner Guardian Council disqualified tens of moderate and reformist candidates in the 2020 parliamentary and the 2021 presidential elections.

“It was evident that the governance of the nation was transitioning to a group of individuals lacking analytical acumen and the capacity to address the country’s challenges,” he remarked.

Derayati, a reformist member of the Islamic Studies Center, reiterated that today, even those who supported President Ebrahim Raisi in the 2021 elections are criticizing him. “In fact, the Raisi administration’s performance has been so full of mistakes during the past two years that it is really hard to defend his government.” He added, “We have handed over the affairs of the state to a government whose president has no executive experience. It was clear from the very beginning that he knew very little about management.”

Another critic, lawmaker Ahmad Alirezabeigi, asserted that the statements made by Raisi’s aides indicate either a lack of a comprehensive strategy for governing the state or, even if such a strategy exists, they lack the financial resources required to implement their envisioned objectives.

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