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Iran Pledges Continuation of Raisi’s Policies Despite Failures


Gholam-Hossein Esmaili, the Iranian President’s Chief of Staff, committed to a continuation of the Ebrahim Raisi agenda following the unexpected death of the late President.

It must continue; there is no question,” he asserted, urging the electorate to demand that future officials adhere to the same hardline strategies in spite of the fact that under his watch the economy has collapsed and there have been record numbers of executions amid deepened human rights abuses.

“Not only will we not falter in these 45 days, but we will also strive to accomplish the work of 450 days,” Esmaili stated on the sidelines of Raisi’s funeral.

The administration’s heavy-handed approach to dissent, characterized by internet restrictions and violent suppressions of protests, has not only deepened domestic strife but also resulted in further global sanctions.

Unemployment is sky high with at least one third of Iranians now living below the poverty line. Iran has during his presidency also accelerated its nuclear program and escalated its proxy war across the Middle East, in addition to producing drones for Russia in its war on Ukraine.

Under the 1979 Constitution, Vice President Mohammad Mokhber has stepped into the role of acting president with the approval of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, serving until the snap elections set for June 28.