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Lufthansa Extends Flight Cancellations To Tehran Amid Security Concerns


German airline Lufthansa has announced the extension of its flight cancellations to Tehran until May 9, citing ongoing security concerns.

The decision follows an initial suspension of services to and from Tehran amid fears of potential military escalation in the region.

The airline’s move comes in response to heightened tensions following an Israeli attack on Iran on April 19, which prompted several airlines to alter their flight routes. Some flights were canceled, others were diverted to alternate airports, and a few returned to their departure points due to temporary airspace and airport closures.

The situation escalated when explosions were reported in Isfahan, in what sources described as an Israeli attack. However, Tehran downplayed the incident and signaled no intent for retaliation.

Israel had vowed to retaliate following the April 13 strikes, marking the first direct attack by Iran on Israeli territory. The assault had no fatalities as Israel and its allies successfully intercepted hundreds of missiles and drones.

Lufthansa and its subsidiary, Austrian Airlines, are notably the only Western airlines that operate flights to Tehran, which is predominantly serviced by Turkish and other Middle Eastern carriers.

The airspace over Iran is also crucial for flights operated by Emirates and Qatar Airways traveling to Europe and North America.