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Iranian Teachers Associations Call For Nationwide Rally


The Coordination Council of Iranian Teachers’ Trade Associations has called for a nationwide rally on Thursday to address the country’s education crisis.

The council’s statement points to “mismanagement and lack of foresight by officials” as the root causes behind Iran’s “academic decline, the educational exclusion of hundreds of thousands of children, dwindling student motivation, and the commercialization of education.”

The rally is part of a series of actions in recent years where Iranian teachers have protested for better pay and working conditions.

There has been an increase in the arrest of educators and the imposition of harsh prison sentences recently.

Despite facing government pushback, including summonses, detentions, and imprisonments, the educators have persistently continued their demonstrations.

Union leaders have faced harassment, prosecution, and imprisonment due to their activities.

Hundreds of teachers calling for reforms are expected to gather at 10am in front of the Planning and Budget Organization in Tehran, as well as in front of the General Departments of Education in provincial capitals, and local education offices in other cities.