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Execution Requested For Two Afghan Suspects Accused Of Teen Rape


Amid record numbers of executions in Iran, two young Afghan men face capital punishment after allegations of sexual assault of a teenage boy.

The complaint was lodged by a teen known only as Hani, who said that on September 20, when playing football near a local prayer ground, he was allegedly approached by four motorcyclists. According to his account, two of the men, described as Afghan, brandished a knife, forced him onto a motorcycle, and transported him to a secluded garden where the assault occurred.

Medical examinations at a forensic center corroborated the teenager’s claims, as reported by Etemad. However, the two Afghan men denied any involvement, blaming the assault on their two accomplices who remain at large.

With the investigation complete, the case is set to be discussed in the Criminal Court of Tehran Province. Meanwhile, the teen has requested the execution of the suspects and stated he is not willing to offer reprieve.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are among the organizations that have criticized Iran for its adherence to capital punishment, especially its application to cases involving juveniles and individuals under 18 at the time of their offense.

According to data released by Amnesty International, Iran ranks second worldwide in the number of executions carried out, following China.

Iran executed at least 834 people last year, a new record for the regime since 2015 as capital punishment is surging in the country.