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Bus Crash In Armenia En Route To Iran Kills Five


A bus accident in southern Armenia has resulted in the deaths of at least five people, with nine others injured, according to a statement from the country’s Interior Ministry released on Saturday.

The accident occurred near the village of Khotanan in the Syunik region, where the bus reportedly veered off a ravine.

According to news.am, an Armenian news website, the bus was en route from Yerevan to Iran, carrying passengers who were Iranian nationals. There are also unconfirmed reports suggesting that the bus had Iranian license plates.

Armenia has become a popular destination for Iranian tourists, especially those opting to travel by bus. Its proximity, shared historical connections, and visa-free entry for Iranian citizens making it an attractive getaway.

Traveling by bus offers an affordable route into Armenia, typically entering through the Nordooz border crossing, which is the only active border crossing between the two countries.

Iranians traveling to Armenia are often drawn by several attractive factors, including the relative ease of access to alcohol, and greater social freedoms. Armenia’s liberal laws regarding alcohol consumption stand in contrast to Iran’s strict prohibition, making it a particularly appealing destination for those seeking to enjoy nightlife and social gatherings without legal restrictions.

Additionally, the broader social freedoms available in Armenia, including more open expressions of culture and lifestyle, provide a refreshing change for many Iranians.