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Top Sunni Cleric Condemns Iran’s Hijab Crackdown


Mowlavi Abdulhamid, a prominent Sunni Muslim cleric has criticized the Iranian government for violent encounters between its morality police agents and women who defy mandatory hijab.

Leading the Friday prayers in Zahedan, the regional capital of Iran’s southeastern provinces of Sistan-Baluchistan, Abdulhamid also addressed tensions between Israel and Iran, advocating for restraint to prevent further conflict in the Middle East.

Additionally, he discussed Iran’s economic challenges, emphasizing the need for expert management. Abdol Hamid has been a fierce critic of the government since security forces killed more than 90 protesters in Zahedan on September 30, 2022.

During his address, he questioned the compliance of the authority’s crackdowns on women with Sharia law and urged authorities to consult religious scholars.

“They arrest women and men, they throw them in [police] cars, they interrogate them…they should tell us what happens to the women at the detention centers, and if such treatments comply with Sharia, they should convince us too,” he stated.

He further highlighted discrimination against women in Iran and the obstacles they face pointing out that “during all of these years, there has not been a single female president” in Iran.

Commenting on Friday’s Israeli attack on Iran, although he stated that he did not have enough information on the matter, Abdulhamid emphasized that Israel must not attack Iran to avoid further tensions and war in the Middle East.

“Both Israel and the major countries of the world should know that the Middle East is a special region in which the whole world has interests, and if there is a fire here, all the countries of the world will be harmed”, Abdulhamid added.

The sermons occurred amidst a heavy military presence in Zahedan, reflecting ongoing tensions and past protests in the region.