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Louis Koo’s One Cool Film Unveils Star-Studded Slate at FilMart


Hong Kong’s One Cool Film group has announced five new movies, revealed through exclusive teasers and posters on the opening day of FilMart.

Upcoming films include “Love Lies,” starring Sandra Ng and M.C. Cheung Tinfu; “The Trier of Fact,” directed by Calvin Tong and featuring Louis Koo and Eddie Peng; “The Way We Talk,” produced, written and directed by Adam Wong, with Neo Yau, Chung Suet Ying and Ng Tsz Ho Marco in leading roles; “Good Game,” helmed by Dickson Leung, written by Lily He Xin and Sheng Ling Xiu Zhong, and starring Andrew Lam, Will Or and Yanny Chan; and “Behind the Shadows,” produced by Soi Cheang, directed by Jonathan Li and Chou Man Yu, and starring Koo, Chrissie Chou and Liu Kuan Ting.

One Cool Film

“Love Lies,” which will premiere at the 48th Hong Kong Intl. Film Festival, tells the tale of an internet romance scam. Ng recommended Cheung, a singer, to the producer. “I watched his concert and totally became intoxicated by him. He has such a charming stage presence, and he’s so handsome. He is totally convincing as an online conman. I’m telling you, he can charm people of all genders and age groups!” Ng shared in a press release.

One Cool Film

Koo and Peng are set to reunite eight years after working together in “Call of Heroes” in “Trier of Fact,” a film that follows a detective and a crime division officer as they uncover the criminal activities of a drug lord.

”The Way We Talk” will explore the lives of deaf youths; helmer Wong’s previous films include “The Way We Dance” and “The Way We Keep Dancing.” “Good Game” depicts three individuals who come together to form a happy-hour esports team. “Behind the Shadows” will be One Cool’s first Malaysian production.

One Cool Film is under One Cool Group, a company founded by Koo in 2013.