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‘Saturn Return,’ ‘Radical,’ ‘Little Loves’ Top Spain’s Malaga Festival


MALAGA — Isaki Lacuesta’s “Saturn Return” (“Second Prize”), always a frontrunner, topped this week’s Malaga Festival winning its best picture, director (with co-director Pol Rodríguez) and editing (Javi Frutos) awards. 

The triple plaudit delivers further recognition for a feature which pulls off the double achievement of being formally radical and great fun at one and the same time. 

Turning on Spanish indie rock group Los Planetas storied attempts to making their third and finally iconic album, but really about people’s need to recast the past as comprehensible narrative and a biopic parody, “Saturn Return” has been hailed by Spanish newspaper El Mundo as a “masterpiece.”

Playing Sundance where it was judged a “conventional tearjerker about an inspiring teacher” which “benefits from a terrific ensemble,” Christopher Zalla’s “Radical” walked off with Malaga’s Golden Biznaga for best Ibero-American picture.

In the other biggest award at the year’s Festival, Celia Rico’s “Little Loves” (“Los pequeños amores”) took the Special Jury Award.

Produced by Arcadia Motion Pictures, on fire after backing Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s “The Beasts,” Oscar-nominated animated feature “Robot Dreams” and Netflix hit “Burning Body,” “Little Loves” sees Rico return to a daughter- mother relationship. Tis time round, however, plot driver is the sudden dependence of a a redoubtable mother, portrayed by Adrian Ozores, who won a best supporting actress award. 

Making good on the promise he showed in “Lucas,” Alex Montoya’s stylish family drama “La Casa,”which reduced at least one festival audience to tears, won screenplay, score and the festival’s Audience Award and reaped great reviews.

Sweeping three of the top awards and large sales interest, Latido Films must look vindicated in its strategic decision of dropping three significant plays at Málaga, while waiting for Cannes, Locarno or a fall fest. “We really had a strategy and the producers agreed. We are really happy for them as Malaga proved in the lar year to be a really good launch pad also for the Goyas,” Latido Films Antonio Saura told Variety.

More to come.