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Chris Pine Had Negative $400 in His Bank Account Before Booking ‘Princess Diaries 2’: The Salary Was ‘Absolutely Earth-Shattering’


Chris Pine reflected on how his role in “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement” changed his career — and life.

In the May 5 episode of “Sunday Sitdown With Willie Geist,” Pine spoke about being cast as Nicholas Devereaux in the 2004 film, which jumpstarted his career and turned his finances around.

“It was the height of summer and I was getting off at Magnolia. I was on my little Verizon tiny little flip phone, my silver one and I got a call from my agents that I booked the job,” Pine said. “I pulled over onto the side of the freeway and they said, ‘You’re getting paid $65,000,’ and it was like they had just told me I’d made $50 million. It was absolutely earth-shattering.”

“The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement” is the sequel to 2001’s “The Princess Diaries,” starring Anne Hathaway as Mia Thermopolis, a teen who learns she’s the heir to the kingdom of Genovia. In “Royal Engagement,” Mia has a month to find a suitor to take over her grandmother’s (Julie Andrews) throne; Pine is one of the love interests fighting for the heart of the princess.

Before Pine’s big break, he was in a few commercials and made a brief appearance in “ER,” The Guardian” and “CSI: Miami.”

Pine’s $65,000 turned out to be about $15,000 after various deductions. However, it was still crucial money for him at the time.

“I had an overdraft in my bank account, it was like $400 over. I was gonna have to ask my parents for money, and I got that $65,000 and I just remembered distinctly knowing in that moment that my life had changed somehow,” Pine said. “That lasted no time at all, and I owed my parents rent money. But that is a wild feeling. I’ll never forget that.”

Pine has since gone on to star in several projects including “Wonder Woman,” “Into the Woods,” “Star Trek,” “This Means War,” “Don’t Worry Darling” and more. His directorial debut “Poolman” was released last year.